Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Antique Tubs

I've been noticing what seems to be an increasing use of classic tubs in bathrooms of all styles. 

This beautiful 76" tub by Waterworks, the Beaumont, in traditional cast iron and enamel, runs from about $ 9,000, unpainted.  See it by clicking here.

Clawfoots have a way, unlike any other bathroom element, of adding vintage glamour.  Love this spa tub.  

Jenna's house

via Elle Decor

One of my favorite bathrooms of all time is in Darryl Carter's gorgeous Embassy Row townhouse.  Twin soaking tubs in a beautiful room- the ultimate romantic getaway.  The basic black and white scheme, contrast of textures, warm antique wood, cool white porcelain, linen and stone create a space that is rich, sexy and serene.

Love this geranium colored tub in the cozy bath of Corbin Lee Gurkin.

via Decorology

via Decorology

Kate Spade via World of Interiors

Scott Snyder via The Enchanted Home

Eric Prokesh


  1. One of the delights of the day is my bedtime soak in my claw-foot tub. Nothing better in the world. Except maybe two! What a marvelous idea that is!

  2. PTandE- Lucky you. If I had the space, I would have one of those 7-foot antique tubs in a minute!

  3. You always have such interesting posts, from claw foot tubs to tea pots. The tubs look fabulous. I'm with you, I love the bath with the double tubs too!

  4. I am such a huge fan of clawfoot tubs. My daughter has them in her home and they are wonderful...the perfect way to relax at the end of the day! Is there anything more beautiful than Darryl Carter's bath?!

  5. I love claw foot tubs and these are gorgeous. I love the gray bath. Stunning.

  6. Great photos! I do adore our antique tub! (We gave an antique ball and claw tub away to a fellow blogger when we moved into the house!) I have found the trick is to fill it with "all" hot water as the cast iron absorbs a great deal of the heat... then the tub will stay warm for a very long time.


  7. The Berkeley Springs tubs look like you could do laps in them, they're so big!!! Sounds like an end of the day soak would be the perfect additon to my daily respite routine! HOpoe I can find a place for the champagne bucket by the tub...


  8. Love the tubs...unfortunately we just re-did our guest bath and the room wasn't large enough for a free-standing tub. Still, one can dream!

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