Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweet Tartan

If you love tartan plaids, but can't find a color to match your room, Linda Clifford offers authentic Scottish lambswool tartans in gorgeous and uncommon color combinations.


Wilson Ancient

New York City


Isle of Skye

Campbell Ancient

MacLeod of Harris

MacLean of Duart Weathered

She carries the classic colors that we know and love, as well as a few patterns in weathered, antique hues.  This one is my favorite.  See more Linda Clifford tartans by clicking here

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  1. Love these tartans! Headed over now.

  2. omg, I LOVE tartan throws, I have 4 and live in the deep south. LOVE LOVE love them. Now I'm wanting to add to my collection!

  3. Beautiful!

    The Isle of Skye pattern reminds me of a scarf my Grandfather Morris used to wear.
    Funny how long forgotten memories get triggered.
    I'm smiling as I think of him.


  4. All of them are calling my name Nina...I have a weakness for them as well and wondering what I am going to do with them all when we move to Vietnam! :( I think a cedar hope chest or two is in order! Linda's website is great to know for Christmas gifts next year, thank you!

    Best wishes...

    Jeanne xx

  5. I love all of these patterns, but the New York City is fabulous. Adore the pop of orange!!

  6. I am currently drooling over a Colefax and Fowler tartan for two big fat chairs that sit by my window. Time to reupholster them. Very costly fabric, but oh... so... worth it!


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