Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mr. Smith goes to Washington

In one of my favorite movies, Mr. Smith goes to Washingon, James Stewart is appointed to fill a vacant Senate seat and promptly collides with political corruption, but doesn't back down.  The film was nominated for 11 Academy awards and is packed with well-known supporting actors like Claude Rains, Edward Arnold, and Guy Kibbee.  

And of course, the beautiful Jean Arthur.  After you vote, it's the perfect movie to watch while you order pizza and flip back and forth between election returns.

I read recently that in 1939 when the film was released, it was denounced by Washington insiders because they were angry at its allegation of corruption in politics, and yet, funnily enough, it was also banned by fascist states in Europe who were afraid the film showed that democracy actually works.

Whatever your politics, participate.  Vote!


  1. Edward shall never be strapped to the roof of my car. I'm taking his advice on who to vote for.

  2. One of my favorite movies, too!
    Actually, any movie with Mr. Stewart in it is a favorite...


  3. I'm with Pamela, can you truly trust a man that thinks that is okay?

  4. Oh one of our very favourite movies too! Still exactly the same message; still resonates just as crisply as it must have done when it was made. It should be compulsory viewing for all school students, I think. xx


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